DE-Language Healing Arts



My name is Noushin Mazlaghani,

As a modern mystic, Visionary, Public Speaker, and scholar,I am studying, researching, teaching and coaching, as well as working with my clients through the ancient Eastern knowledge and wisdom of healing body, mind, spirit unity and balance with the combination of Western mentality.
Born and raised in Tehran, Iran.I am residing in USA since 1990 and chose Scottsdale, AZ as my home town since 1997.
As an International certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, Polarity energy practitioner, and licensed Cranial unwinding massage therapist,
Owning and managing the De Language Healing Arts clinic for the past 9 years to serve my clients Physical. Mental, Emotional and Spiritual needs.

This is a time of Transformation and Evolution of human Consciousness in the history of mankind, I am honored to be part of this shift and support all who are interested in their health and well being during this sacred time.

Commit yourSELF to a vibrant life.

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